"It was really nerve-racking and I'll tell you what... seeing it on a very, very, very big screen at the premiere, it was a very different experience. Man that was embarrassing. It's a lot of me," said Katherine when asked by the Associated Press about her revealing scene in One For The Money where she is handcuffed naked to a shower-curtain rod.

Katherine Heigl At The One For The Money Premiere In Paris Katherine Heigl At The One For The Money Premiere In Paris

Did she have to mentally prepare for the scene?

"We spent a lot of time joking around and being silly about it because it is so absurd and there are things you can do to sort of cover the most private bits, I guess, but they almost look worse - the pasties look even more bizarre than if I had just gone for it," Katherine explained.

With much talk in the press about a potential return to ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy, Katherine wanted to set the record straight. "I feel like it was a very innocent question and my first instinct and innocent answer was, 'Oh yeah, I'd love to go back if they wanted me to.' And it's turned into this story! I wouldn't want anyone to feel misled or feel confused by my answer and I just want everyone to know, 'Hey I love that show and I love that character just as much as you do.'

Katherine clarified that she would love to return as a guest for an episode arc to update the story of Dr. Isobel Stevens, perhaps bringing some closure to many of the questions left unanswered by her characters sudden departure.

"I would be thrilled if they asked. I think it would be just so wonderful to have the opportunity to just sort of round out the character, have a few episodes to just discover where she went, what she's doing now and (have) one more loving, romantic scene with Alex," she explained.

"That was a really, really difficult decision,", Heigl said of her decision to leave the show after 6 seasons to spend more time with her daughter Naleigh. "You know, you are always going to grapple with something like that because it was a great experience and I didn't really want to go. But I felt... like I need to make her and my husband and our life together as a family my priority."

How has motherhood affected her career?

"My career had been my primary focus for a very long time and that's a very self-absorbed path. It's all about me. It's all about what I want. It's all about what I need. And having Naleigh in my life has put that all into a perspective that's much more peaceful and much more profound. I feel very blessed, very grateful to have it because I feel like I can breathe. When Naleigh is in a room, whatever that special and unique thing that child has puts me in a frame of mind and a place where I like myself better."

Having starred in a number of very successful romantic comedies, is Katherine concerned about being typecast?

"They tend to be the movies I watch when I'm home and hanging out and want to relax. I want to watch Kate Hudson, I want to watch Reese Witherspoon, I want to watch all those great movies that make you feel good. So I loved being a part of them and I didn't mind being typecast, but any time you start to wander outside the box a little bit people start to get confused. This one is an interesting one because it wasn't a conscious decision not to do romantic comedy. The book explores so many different themes that in order to honor it properly and do right by it we couldn't just turn it into a romantic comedy."