In 'The Big Apple' a few weeks ago for the premiere of One For The Money, Katherine spoke with the New York Post about her passion for animals and what she she likes to do when visiting the city.

"Here for this opening is great," said Katherine, "New York has the best restaurants. I work hard and look forward to those short times you can enjoy life. I’m a foodie. I love to eat in such great restaurants."

Katherine Heigl At The One For The Money Premiere In New York Katherine Heigl At The One For The Money Premiere In New York

"Not always easy sitting through your movie and watching yourself on - screen. I saw every zit on my skin. I’ve suffered with breaking out since I was 16. I’m 33 now. No matter what creams or anything, it still happens."

"And who can watch every single thing you eat? Who can do salads all the time? You’re just best off with portion control."

"After a movie wraps, I treat myself. I shop. Always shop. I'm a shopper. I shop for purses, shoes, jewelry. My mother says you're either a purse person or a shoe person. I don’t know... me, I'm a shopping person. I'm now not allowed to even approach Bergdorfs!"

Katherine also chatted about her love for animals, the Jason Heigl Foundation and her spay/neuter fundraising campaign I Hate Balls - focused on reducing the number of companion animals being killed in shelters. Discussion then turned to the seven dogs and three cats that share family life with her, husband Josh Kelley and daughter Naleigh.

"One Schnauzer, Romeo, my oldest and best, I take wherever I go. Every movie location. This year we filmed in Connecticut, and he went with me every day. He was my first dog. He's so old. No trouble on a set because he's too old to even bark anymore."

"When my husband asked how can we bring the baby into our world of chaos, we had a discussion. I then had six dogs. I said, 'They're my family. I mean, listen, I'll just get rid of you first.'"

"Our dog sitter takes them to the park daily. They love her. They go berserk when they see her. They had to be taught respect, gentleness and one was out of control. Too protective. Growl if anyone came near. We brought in a trainer to teach them handling the baby. I told my husband, 'We're the alpha. We're in charge. It's tough love. Stomp your feet or pull a tail if one doesn’t behave.'"

"But it never stops. My friend spent a night in our guest room. While she slept, one of them pooped right in her bed!"