French television talk show Le Grand Journal hosted an interview with Katherine this evening for her new movie One For The Money, as she promotes the release of the film across Europe.

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Presenter Michel Denisot began the discussion by telling Katherine that he had contacted French actor Gérard Depardieu, with whom she starred in her first major leading role nearly 20 years ago (My Father The Hero), relaying that the star sent his love and a kiss from the set of his latest movie in Prague. This prompted Denisot to ask if she had picked up any French words from the screen legend on the movie set? "Merde!" replied Katherine laughing.

The talk then turned to One For The Money, and Katherine was asked by co-host Ariane Massenet about her role as both a leading lady and an executive producer of the film. The team of presenters also noted that the film was a departure from some of her previous romantic comedies and wanted to know what made her decide to chase her leading man - this time wielding a gun.

Katherine Heigl, Michael Denisot & Ariane Masenet On Le Grand Journal Katherine Heigl, Michael Denisot & Ariane Masenet On Le Grand Journal

Katherine also got to chat about I Hate Balls, her spay/neuter fundraising campaign aimed at reducing the number of companion animals being euthanized in shelters, and took part in a quiz about Grey's Anatomy - scoring a very respectable 2½ out of 3 on the test!

One For The Money, (Recherche Bad Boys Désespérément) will be released in French cinemas on February 8.