In the final installment of Katherine's weekly exclusive blog at iVillage she writes about the importance of helping her daughter Naleigh live up to her potential in life.

Josh Kelley, Katherine Heigl & Their Daughter Naleigh

Katherine explains that she believes in an environment where the mass media has such a huge influence on the values that young people perceive as important, that the task of raising well-rounded children has become increasingly difficult, and for parents the importance of instilling values, and nuturing, protecting and building a childs self-woth has never been more vital.

It is a true challenge we parents have ahead of us and the stakes are very high. We will have to perpetually battle and kick against the values mass media prioritize and emphasize those that truly matter. We will have to find a way to convince our children that what they see in the world around them is not always right and true even when it's far more prevalent than what we tell them is right and true. We will have to hope, pray, and beg them to trust us and commit every moment to earning their trust so that we can ensure their emotional, spiritual, and physical well being and self-worth. Katherine Heigl, iVillage - January 2012

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