Walking the red carpet at Tuesday's world premiere of One For The Money Katherine made her way down the line of press attending the event to answer questions about the movie.

She spoke with Access Hollywood about playing a Jersey girl in the film, chatted about her daughter Naleigh's adorable appearance on The View and gave her thoughts on a return to Grey's Anatomy to give closure to her character's story.

Entertainment Tonight inquired if Katherine had adopted the Jersey accent in the movie and if she had the chops to be a bounty hunter in real life. Asked to weigh in with her thoughts on the George Clooney vs. Brad Pitt Oscar nomination debate, she joked, " Those guys are supposedly really good friends, right? How does this go down? Do they get really competitive? Do they bet against each other? What happens?"

Talking to Extra's A J Calloway, Katherine shared her love for the character of Stephanie Plum, explained how learning to shoot a gun for the movie proved to be very different to her expectations, and her joy at directing the Naleigh Moon for husband Josh Kelley. As the inteview concluded, Barbara Walters walked by and pinched Katherine's bottom! Walters laughed, "I'm hitting her tushie and she doesn't even turn around!".

Newschannel New York 1 also caught up the One For The Money leading lady to find out her take on the character she portrays in the film.

In Touch was also in attendance, filming proceedings via their red carpet cam and chatting to Katherine about her recent introduction to social networking.