Last week in Los Angeles, Katherine Heigl spoke with Bonnie Laufer from Tribute to discuss the challenges she faced playing literary favorite Stephanie Plum, her on-screen chemistry with co-star Jason O'Mara and whether blondes or brunettes have more fun!

Also present at the press junket, Made In Hollywood reporter Kylie Erica Mar, who wanted to know the approach Katherine and the cast took in bringing the story to life, particularly given the expectations of author Janet Evanovich's well established fan base.

During a conversation with ScreenSlam Katherine had to get to the 'bottom' of some difficult decisions in a "Which Would You Choose?" segment, before sharing her thoughts on the chosen profession of her character.

George Pennacchio of Los Angeles TV station KABC was interested to know how Katherine managed not to gain any weight making the movie, particularly as her character Stephanie Plum is famed for her bad eating habits.