Extra special correspondent Steve Santagati caught up with Katherine at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to talk about her new movie One For The Money which hits theaters next week.

Hair was the initial topic of discussion: Steve explained that he follows Katherine on Twitter and had spotted a photo that her husband Josh Kelley had taken of her while she was getting her hair colored by stylist Kim Vo in preparation for the press junket.

Katherine Heigl With Stylist Kim Vo

Chat then turned to a scene from the film which sees Katherine's character Stephanie Plum handcuffed naked to a shower. Katherine explained that although the scene was awkward to shoot she decided to just go for it, "Here's my philosophy... you can cover the bits with pasties, but I think that's weirder than just being naked".

Steve commented that he thought Katherine looked fabulous in the film and was keen to know her workout secrets. She explained, "I use kettlebells, have you ever heard of those?" Santagati replied they looked like a head injury waiting to happen. Katherine laughed, "That's happened a couple of times like when I'm swinging it out, and it flies out in front of me, and I'm like, DUCK!"

Steve Santagati & Katherine Heigl At The One For The Money Press Junket (Credit: Steve Santagati) Steve Santagati & Katherine At The One For The Money Press Junket (Credit: Steve Santagati)

The interview wrapped with the Katie sharing her thoughts on infidelity and whether or not she would be able to forgive her husband if he were to cheat.