Debuting today is Naleigh Moon, the video for the latest tune by singer/songwriter Josh Kelley. The video is a warm, family affair and is intensely personal to Katherine as the song - penned and performed by her husband - is about her daughter, whom the couple adopted in 2009 from South Korea when she was 9 months old.

"My wife and I adopted a little baby girl in 2009," explains the proud dad. "Her name is Nancy Leigh Kelley and we push the Nancy and the Leigh together, and we call her Naleigh," Josh continues. "And the 'moon' part of it comes from her original name, Mi-Eun. I'm too redneck to say that, so I just said 'moon,'" he added laughing.

Naleigh Moon Video Debuts

The video, which sees Katherine sitting in the director's chair, was shot in Los Angeles and includes home footage of Naleigh over the past couple of years. "I knew you were going to do a great job and you're an awesome story teller," Josh tells Katherine at their family home, adding, "Also, I knew you would do it for free."

Fans can purchase the song "Naleigh Moon" by clicking here.