In the second of her exclusive series of blogs for iVillage this month, Katherine turns her thoughts to marriage.

She writes honestly about her own union of four years to husband singer-songwriter Josh Kelley, and explains why she her believes that although marriage is not always easy - requiring work, commitment, compromise and change - it is always worth it.

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl (Credit: Kathy Hutchins) Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl (Credit: Kathy Hutchins)

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I have been drawn to this man like a bee to honey and I can't quite explain it but I do know he's worth it. We stand by each other, we respect each other's thoughts, ideas, passions and fears. We compromise constantly for each other and change for each other when compromising isn't the answer. We've had some pretty explosive fights over the years trying to make our marriage work, but it's been worth it. Katherine Heigl, iVillage - January 2012

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