At a busy photo shoot in Los Angeles a few months ago, Katherine posed for the cover feature of various international editions of Cosmopolitan. Following the publication of Cosmopolitan UK last month, these issues are now hitting the shelves around the world ahead of the cinematic release of One For The Money.

Slovenia Cosmopolitan Slovenia - January 2012

A small selection of the different design styles and photographs used in the Cosmo magazines around the globe are shown below. Be sure to check your local newsstands during the next few weeks to see if Katherine has your country 'covered'.

Latvia Cosmopolitan Latvia - January 2012
Hungary - February 2012 Hungary - February 2012
Russia - January 2012 Russia - January 2012
Azerbijan - January 2012 Azerbijan - January 2012
Serbia - January 2012 Serbia - January 2012