"What makes for a great relationship?" Katherine Heigl repeats to herself, mulling over a question posed by an interviewer at the press junket for her new movie New Year's Eve, which was released in theaters this week.

Katherine Heigl (Laura) & Jon Bon Jovi (Jensen) In New Year's Eve Katherine Heigl (Laura) & Jon Bon Jovi (Jensen) In New Year's Eve

"What I love about my husband is that I don't have to be anyone but myself for him. He really loves all the things about me that everyone else would find ridiculous. I can be quite dorky. When someone loves your inner dorkiness then you know you've found the right person. Ask yourself: Does she or he love the silly you that absolutely makes no sense to anyone else but your partner?"

Katherine was chatting to the Chicago Sun-Times and was asked if she had any advice for singles at at the holidays.

"Stop looking! I know everyone says that but it's true. I wasn't looking when I met Josh. I wasn't even thinking about marriage and family and was just focusing on work. Most women get to that point where they say, "Screw it. I don't need anyone." That's when you usually meet someone. So, just keep yourself busy with friends and don't dwell on finding someone," she suggested.

Asked about her own New Year's Eve plans, Katherine explained that she likes to keep it simple. "I'm really a homebody. I'm the type who is like, 'Let's just stay home and celebrate.' There's nothing like just being with your family. Plus, I love spending time with my husband and daughter. It doesn't matter where you go. When you're with the most important people in your life, you feel it down to your toes."

With New Year's Eve in mind, Katherine was also quizzed about her thoughts on what makes a good romantic comedy. "You have to feel a certain energy that defines a good romantic comedy. What makes it unique also comes from the actors, although it's so hard to know if there will be chemistry or not until you get on the set. You just feel that connection and something clicks."

Away from romantic comedies, Katherine has also flirted with a few action films, a genre that she find tough but rewarding. "It's fun, but you have to know that I'm not a very athletic person in real life. That's why I always go home with some bruises. You're in the tub thinking, 'Where did that come from?' I twisted my ankle on Killers because it's not easy to run in heels. I do love it when I'm asked to challenge myself and do something outside my normal realm."

Her forthcoming feature One For The Money, in which she plays the lead character Stephanie Plum, also has a fair degree of action and is based on the first in a series of bestselling novels by author Janet Evanovich.

"It was an amazing role. It was also intimidating because this is a character that exists in the hearts and minds of many fans. I wanted to do her justice. It was great to do a different kind of film. I don't even look like me. I'm in a dark brown wig and I have a Jersey accent. I started with the hair and become her all the way down to the shoes. The fun thing was the Jersey accent. I downloaded some of the 'Jersey Shore' episodes to practice."