Joining Jay Leno on the Tonight Show last night (December 6), Katherine sat down to talk about her new movie New Year's Eve and share some interesting stories about going on tour with her husband, musician Josh Kelley.

Katherine Heigl & Host Jay Leno Share A Laugh On The Tonight Show Katherine Heigl & Host Jay Leno Share A Laugh On The Tonight Show

The interview kicked-off with a question about Katherine's outfit - a black Dolce and Gabbana dress accompanied with Sergio Rossi shoes and Amrapali jewerly - before turning to the serious matter of buses. Discussing her experiences of joining Josh and his band on the road, she joked about sharing a confined space with a group of rockers and the difficulties of being stuck on a moving vehicle without a bathroom!

In New Year's Eve Katherine plays a caterer, and explained to Jay that like her character, she also enjoys cooking and experimenting with different dishes. Although she considers herself to be reasonably proficient in the kitchen, her creative efforts with food don't always go to plan, like a recent culinary disaster with a seafood meal that she had prepared for some friends.

Katherine also spoke about her spay/neuter campaign I Hate Balls focused on helping reduce the number of animals killed in shelters across the United States every year.

Jay enlisted the help of Amadeus, a famous pool playing dog, to assist with the fundraising effort. For every ball the pup managed to sink, the Tonight Show donated $500 to the cause. Find out how much the four-legged friend raised in the clip below and check out to get involved.

Comedian J.B. Smoove and Taio Cruz also joined Katherine on the show. New Year's Eve is in theaters from Friday.

Katherine Heigl, J.B. Smoove & Jay Leno Katherine Heigl, J.B. Smoove & Jay Leno