In a scene from New Year’s Eve, in which Katherine stars as caterer Laura, her sous-chef, Ava (Sofia Vergara) is thrilled to catch an up-close-and-personal glimpse of rock star Jensen (Jon Bon Jovi) at the big New Year’s Eve bash they are preparing to serve. However, she is soon shocked to see her boss take a swing at him – not realizing the two have a history – but recovers quickly enough to help Laura vent:

Ava (Sofia Vergara) Helping Laura (Katherine Heigl) Vent In New Year's Eve Ava (Sofia Vergara) Helping Laura (Katherine Heigl) Vent In New Year’s Eve

"We did a scene in the kitchen where Laura is so mad she’s just throwing food and Ava is there to help, handing her tomatoes and ` fruit to toss. It was a lot of fun." Vergara explained.

The world premiere of the Garry Marshall directed picture will take place on December 5 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. New Year’s Eve is released domestically on December 9.

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