Entertainment Tonight caught up with Katherine Heigl and her sister Meg at the recording of "A Home For The Holidays" yesterday. The show, an entertainment special celebrating the joys of adoption, features a host of stars including Martina McBride, Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige, Gavin DeGraw, OneRepublic, Christina Perri and Denise Richards, who have teamed up to bring some much-needed attention to the cause.

Katherine Heigl & Her Sister Meg Heigl-Beltran Katherine Heigl & Her Sister Meg Heigl-Beltran

With over a half a million children currently in the American foster care system, the sisters stressed the importance of becoming a parent regardless of whether or not the child is biologically yours.

Check out the interview, which also features Gavin DeGraw, Martina McBride and Christina Perri sharing inspirational stories about adoption:

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"I think it’s so rewarding for everybody and it’s just so amazing to become a parent no matter how you become one," Katherine explained. "I have this amazing, beautiful daughter in my life that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and I have this amazing. wonderful, beautiful sister in my life that I wouldn’t have had otherwise so I think adoption should be on everybody’s mind and people should be a little more open to it."

Katherine’s message to people who are considering adoption – "Just do it!".

The 13th Annual A Home For The Holidays with Martina McBride will air on CBS at 8pm on December 21st.