Hollywood has traditionally had a reputation for being male dominated, with opportunities for women both in front and behind the camera being much more limited.

At the 18th Annual Elle Women In Hollywood Tribute in Beverly Hills last week, Katherine Heigl told Fox 411 that this had now changed and that she felt very much on par with her male counterparts.

Katherine Heigl

"It has changed. I started so young that I probably didn’t really have any understanding of what our part was… I just wanted to work. But as I’ve gotten older and branched out into other aspects of the entertainment industry, in terms of producing and optioning books and performing, I am really proud to say this town feels very equal opportunity to me," she explained. "It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man; it just matters whether or not you have a good idea to make it happen or not."

Katherine continued, "I would like to see more supportive female friendships and less of the kind of catty, uncomfortable, mean-spirited female friendships. You know the ‘frenemy’ thing. I am not a fan of that. I want to see what I have in my own life. Maybe you don’t have a slew of female friends you can count on, but you’ve got one or two you know are like family and on your side. I want that story, and I want to see that."

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