On Friday (October 14), Katherine took time out from her photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Elle magazine to take a few behind-the-scenes shots from the feature, which she later shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Elle Magazine Photo Shoot Katherine Heigl With The Elle Photo Shoot Team

"Had wayyyyyy too much fun with all the shoes, jewels, and clothes!" Katherine reported as she thanked the hair, make-up and fashion team at Elle. "The Elle team made me look so much cooler than I really am! Thanks to @angelabeauty, @davidbabaiihair, Carter the coolest photog ever! And Mister Joe Zee!!"

Elle Magazine Photo Shoot

Posting images of the vast array of apparel assembled for the shoot she added, "Being around all these shoes is soooo dangerous for me!"

Elle Magazine Photo Shoot

The shoot is part of the promotion for her upcoming feature films New Year’s Eve and One For The Money, which are released in theaters on December 9 and January 27 respectively.