Distributor Lionsgate UK has acquired the local theatrical rights to Katherine Heigl's latest movie "The Big Wedding" it was announced today. The company purchased the film for the British market from producers Nu Image/Millennium Films at the Cannes International Film Festival.

"The Big Wedding", also known as "Gently Down The Stream", is a comedy written and directed by Justin Zackham that is set to begin production later this summer in Connecticut.

The film centers on a dysfunctional, divorced couple played by Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton who pretend to be still married at their adopted son's wedding in order to please the guest of honor: his religious birth mother (Patricia Rae). The couple quickly learn that acting the part isn't easy, especially when their past, present and future unravel for all to see. Katherine will play their daughter Lyla Griffin and Topher Grace her brother Jared.

Susan Sarandon plays De Niro's longtime girlfriend and Robin Williams is set to portray priest Father Monaghan. Amanda Seyfried also stars as the bride-to-be opposite Ben Barnes as the groom.