Since daughter Naleigh came into their lives, Katherine and her husband Josh Kelley have worked hard to try and balance family life with their work commitments.

After completing the promotion of "Life As We Know It" towards the end of Fall last year, Katherine has taken a break from work, returning only briefly in February for a two week shoot in New York on the ensemble comedy "New Year's Eve".

She explained recently to Modern Mom that she felt the balance between family and work comes in the sacrifice. "You can be a mom and still have a passionate career and a career you're passionate about and you can juggle it all. You can, it's just you don't realize how that's going to feel sometimes."

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley With Daughter Naleigh (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis) Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley With Daughter Naleigh (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis)

"I've started to get real with myself about it and I think it's important and to tell all working moms, that it is OK that the sacrifice sometimes feels like it's too much - because it's inevitably going to. There are going to be times where you sacrifice a promotion at work - or I sacrifice a job that I was dying to do so that I can stay and be more actively a part of my child's life. That sacrifice hurts because I've worked my whole life towards it, as many women have worked so hard towards their end goals and their careers. But this is a sacrifice I have to make to be the right kind of mother I want to be."

"Then there are times where you sacrifice being the right mother you want to be for the career you're so passionate about. I think that's the balance - the understanding that it's going to hurt. One way or another it's going to hurt. So, get used to it and realize that it's not some picnic and it's not some fairy tale happily ever after – an outcome, that something is always going to have to give a little bit."

"But what made it worth it to me to make that decision, to sacrifice some parts and to stay home with my child is that I feel like a more complete person because I have this thing in my life I'm so passionate about and that I love so much. I can show her that and give her that and hopefully one day explain to her, 'I'm sorry that I missed the soccer game', or 'I'm sorry that I couldn't take you to play around'. But I guess I can love myself more because I have a daughter that inspires me and therefore I can be a better woman and a better example for her."

Katherine and family moved from Los Angeles to a ranch in rural Utah last year where they now spend most of their time. Recently, Josh spoke to "The Boot" about the contrast between their home life and the 'glamour' of the celebrity lifestyle when the couple are working.

"Katie and I both caught trout one day fly-fishing," he recalls. "We came back and she prepared the fish, and I downloaded the movie 'A River Runs Through It,' and we watched it while we ate our trout. Sometimes I'm at home watching TV, and me and my wife are sitting watching a movie, and she'll be on one couch knitting, and I'll be on the other side tying flies, and I'm thinking to myself, 'This is so 'Leave It to Beaver,' man!'"

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley With Daughter Naleigh (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis) Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley With Daughter Naleigh (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis)

Naleigh has also had a profound effect on the singer-songwriter whose new album "Georgia Clay" was released on Tuesday. "When I first held Naleigh and I realized, 'This is my little daughter that I have to care for and protect,' I remember everything changed almost immediately. Everything became about her and the family. It was great. It was very freeing. I didn't push quite so hard anymore. I just let things happen. I think the best songs came from that, not forcing anything."

Katie and Josh also enjoyed a short family break in Miami last week where the couple attended the wedding of actress Majandra Delfino. Katherine was a bridesmaid to her friend and former "Roswell" co-star at the event, which was held on March 19th at Trinity Cathedral. The two friends also teamed-up on screen recently in Heigl's romantic comedy "Life As We Know It".