Romantic comedy "Life As We Know It" in which Katherine served as both leading lady and executive producer was recently released on DVD and Blu-ray in North America. However, in certain Asian markets such as Japan the film has yet to hit theaters. Recently, Asian TV channel Star Movies posted interviews from their VIP Access series which featured Katie, co-star Josh Duhamel and director Greg Berlanti.

Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Talk Life As We Know It Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Talk To Star Movies

The interviews took place at the press junket for the movie at the Regency Hotel in New York on September 26th. During the discussion Katherine spoke to Stevie Wong about how important the project was to her and chatted about which of the three identical triplets who played baby Sophie in the movie she bonded with most closely.

Director Greg Berlanti also gave his take on the movie and chatted about working with the two stars.