Photographer and life-long animal lover Robbie Bellon gained access to the adopted and rescued dogs of more than 25 actors, models, musicians, and other notables to take pictures of their pets. The result was Rescue Paws, staged as a photo exhibit in New York and Los Angeles during 2010, which has now turned into a calendar to benefit The Humane Society of the United States Stop Puppy Mills campaign.

Rescue Paws 2011 Calendar Rescue Paws 2011 Calendar

Katherine's rescue pups Oscar, Mojo and Piper which were featured in the exhibit, were one of twelve of Bellon's shots selected for the 2011 Rescue Paws calendar, which is on sale now. The dogs appear on the calendar page for February.

Oscar, Mojo and Piper (Photograph: Robbie Bellon) Oscar, Mojo & Piper (Photograph: Robbie Bellon)