Katherine's latest movie "Life As We Know It" was released on October 8th, but before the film premiered she sat down with co-star Josh Duhamel to chat to the press at the promotional junket for the film, held at the Regency Hotel in New York.

Speaking with Reelz Channel, the duo discussed how they practiced parenting and whether Duhamel was planning on starting a family with his wife, Black Eyed Peas star Fergie.

Australia's Channel 9 show, Today, caught up with Katherine and Josh on the second day of the promotional event to discuss their new flick and how they first met.

Baby talk was again the topic of discussion when Australia's Daily Telegraph interviewed the two stars at the press junket.

Having adopted daughter Naleigh just four days before shooting commenced, Katherine explained that the process of bonding with her daughter while trying make a feature film "was really intense. I was so determined to get it right. Even the littlest thing. You make sure everything you need is in that diaper bag but, if you forget that one thing you feel like you are a terrible mother."

Duhamel arrived on set two weeks before Katie who was busy preparing for the arrival of her daughter. This allowed him to form a close bond with the triplets who play baby Sophie in the film. "There were a lot of takes where it was, like, 'Oh man, can we just change this scene so it is his character holding the baby because they liked him so much more than me'," Katherine laughed.

Katherine announced during the interview that she was keen to welcome another little one into her family and chatted with her co-star about the baby plans. She also revealed that there were still some legal formalities required to finalize the adoption of daughter Naleigh.

Visit the Daily Telegraph to read the interview in full.