"Life As We Know It" is released in theatres this Friday and Fox 411 sat down with Katherine and co-star Josh Duhamel at the New York press junket for the movie, to talk about acting along side babies in the new romantic comedy.

A few days later at the world premiere on September 30th, Katherine told MTV News that she believed Duhamel would make a fantastic father as he was a natural with children.

"Oh my god! The best of the best! He's fantastic," she gushed to MTV News."He's really good with children. They sort of flocked to him. I think it's a pheromone thing. I think he puts off like a chocolate cookie scent to children. They love him, and those triplets [who played the baby in the movie] loved him."

So how did that make new mom Heigl feel? "It was upsetting on certain days, because I was like, 'But I'm a new mom and I should have the touch!' " she joked. " 'And I clearly don't have the touch and you do!' ". Katherine also spoke about the possibility of extending her own family in the second of two MTV video clips shown below:

Stacey Elgin at Fox 5 Atlanta also caught up with the two stars in New York to ask them about their experience shooting the movie.

"Life As We Know It" was filmed in and around Atlanta during the Fall of 2009.