The Clagett Triplets - Brooke, Lexi and Brynn, all have a starring role as baby Sophie in Katherine Heigl's new movie "Life As We Know It" which is released on October 8th. The triplets spent last Fall in Atlanta shooting the production and all three played the part of the 15 month old child for whom Katherine and Josh Duhamel's characters become the unexpected carers.

During the past year, mom Erin Clagett has shared details of the triplets first film experience on the family blog. Last week parents Erin and Tom attended the "Life As We Know It" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York and the after party at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse, where they got catch up with Katie, Josh Duhamel and director Greg Berlanti.

To find out more about the triplets movie making antics, as well as behind the scenes photos with Josh Duhamel, Greg Berlanti, cast and crew, check out the The Clagett Triplets site.