Chatting to press at the recent junket for "Life As We Know It" in New York, Katherine explained the parallels between the new movie and her own life.

The adoption of her daughter Nancy Leigh from South Korea took place only a few days before filming began on the picture - which sees her character Holly Berenson becomes a caregiver to an orphaned child. As a result, Heigl had little time to bond with the triplets who played the child in the film prior to production, unlike her co-star Josh Duhamel who had spend a few weeks getting to know them before the shoot.

Katherine Heigl & DeRay Davis In Life As We Know It Katherine Heigl & DeRay Davis In Life As We Know It

Heigl laments: "And I kind of had to do it cold, and they (the babies) did not like me as much. But I had one in my trailer who did. I had just gotten sort of familiar with holding and being comfortable with a child. It was just so new to me. A lot of just letting it go. If they're cranky or uncomfortable or they're crying, the more uptight you get the more uptight you're going to make them. So we had to do a lot of breathing exercises."

"It was all parallels. I was living on camera what was going on in my life. I watched the movie recently and thought it was a living journal because it reminds me of the first few months with this nine-month-old baby that was so new to me and I was so new to her. This movie will forever remind me of that time. And it was really intense and really glorious and certainly very overwhelming. Holly was me and I was her. I didn't have to act. I was scared."

Katherine was also quoted recently describing "Escape", a future project that she has been developing with her mother Nancy Heigl under the umbrella of their production company Abishag. "Escape" is based on the bestselling memoir of Carolyn Jessop whose testimony helped convict polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs. The harrowing true life story has been scripted by Emmy Award winner Kirk Ellis.

"The story itself just angers me a lot because obviously, it's a cult, and it's become this situation where it's lose-lose for these women," said Heigl, who is set to play Jessop. "They're born, raised, bred into this way of thinking that is all fear-based," she added.