In a case of life imitating art, Katherine Heigl's role in her new movie "Life As We Know It" saw her become a mother on and off camera at the same time. The production of the film in Atlanta last Fall, where her character becomes a caregiver to an orphaned child, coincided with the arrival of her adopted daughter Naleigh from South Korea.

At the press conference to promote the movie, Katherine shared some of her stories of motherhood with reporters, including one of the pitfalls of taking a small child on a plane and the trick she uses to help get her daughter to sleep.

On a recent flight, Katherine had to change Naleigh in the confined space of a plane toilet and the smell from her diaper permeated the passenger cabin. "This is grown-up kind of poo. I'm in this airplane and they didn't have these fold down tables to change her on; it's just a tiny little bathroom. I couldn't put her on the floor. I had to jam her head in the corner and lay her across the toilet and kneel below her and it was brutal. I was like, 'What did you eat?'", she explained.

"I had to walk back to get her because she was sitting with the nanny and trying to sleep and that whole plane smelled really bad. I had to wake her up because it was just really mean to all the people around her. Now I'm so committed to potty training," Heigl added.

And the actress insists she has the perfect system to make sure her baby learns to go poop properly: "I'm a pro now because I can get it done really quick. I'm very particular about these things. I want my husband and the nanny to do it the way I do it and use the same diaper cream because I swear that's what helps her; just the right kind of wipes and diapers. It's very apparent that I'm a control freak, so it's better if I do it myself."

The new mom also revealed that she and husband Josh Kelley are following a family tradition of using noise to sooth her child at bedtimes.

"We use a big standing fan. We put it on high wattage to drown out everything," Katherine explained. "Her bedroom is right over the kitchen and living room area so you can really hear us down there when we are up watching TV. My mother taught me that. She said she used to leave a vacuum running in the baby’s room and it really works. There’s something about white noise. I’m a big believer in it."