At the junket for "Life As We Know It" in New York at the weekend, Katherine Heigl and her co-star Josh Duhamel sat down with the press for two days of interviews and promotion for the new movie.

Speaking with Tony Potts from Access Hollywood, Katherine explained how the adoption of her daughter Naleigh - a few days before filming began - gave her a unique perspective on the character she played.

She also jokingly discussed whether Duhamel is 'stupid hot' or just stupid and hot and then described what happened when her co-star turned up to her pool party wearing a tiny Speedo.

The Insider also caught up with the two stars at the publicity event and Katherine described how being a new mother had a huge influence on how she played a parent in the new picture.

"I'm not exaggerating when I say I was going through exactly what my character was going through in my trailer, and then I'd walk to set and live it on camera," Heigl told 'The Insider' correspondent Chris Jacobs. "Everything was baby land in my mind."

Extra's AJ Calloway also spoke with the Katherine and Josh and the duo showed some of their on screen chemistry and banter as they answered questions from the reporter:

Heigl: "You paid a stylist for a T-shirt and jeans?"

Duhamel: "It's not a T-shirt, there's a collar. I could be wearing what I wore in the poster. [indicating towards the movie poster, on which he is in his underwear]. How would you feel about that?"

Heigl: "Would have paid you money."

Duhamel: "I've always known that ultimately I wanted to have kids, it's just a matter of when. My wife Fergie obviously is very busy."

Heigl: "You're pretty busy yourself."

Duhamel: "I'm not that busy. Not too busy to..."

Heigl: "To procreate?"

Duhamel: "Not too busy to get busy."

Heigl: "Text your wife right now. It's a song!"

In "Life As We Know It", Katherine's character Holly Berenson is a caterer and E!'s Ben Lyons asked her if she was an accomplished cook in her own kitchen. Katie revealed a victory in a cook-off with husband Josh Kelley where the coupled battled to serve the best dish and also explained that she had managed to get to grips with baby fashion with a little online assistance.

Josh Duhamel also told of his own culinary success in a lasagne competition against his wife, singer Fergie.