In her new movie "Life As We Know It", Katherine Heigl's character Holly Berenson endures a nightmare date with Eric Messer - played by Josh Duhamel, after their mutual best friends try to act as matchmakers.

In real life, Katherine has revealed to WENN that she has sworn off ever trying to play matchmaker between her single friends again after an embarrassing recent effort during a house party. She and hubby Josh Kelley decided to try and hook up U.S. TV presenter Chris Jacobs with her best pal Cheyenne Ellis - and staged a bash to get the couple together.

Katherine Heigl and Cheyenne Ellis on the set of Killers Katherine Heigl & Cheyenne Ellis On The Set Of Killers

"Chris is really good friends with my husband and we set him up with my best friend, who is also my stunt double. We did it in a mixed crowd and had everybody to the house so it wasn't awkward. We asked each one to play it off like they didn't know. It was handled so poorly and I blame Josh for that completely. I told Josh not to tell Chris that this is happening; just invite him over for dinner and Cheyenne will just be there, so let them figure it out for themselves and of course he goes and tells him immediately: 'This girl is going to be here and you gotta meet her'", Katherine explained.

"I think they did connect and have a nice time and I think Chris wants to see her again but everyone's been travelling so much. They met but I won't do it again," she added.