Katherine spoke with Access Hollywood at the press conference to launch The Compassion Revolution at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills earlier today. She discussed the aims of the initiative, her brother Jason's legacy and how her daughter Naleigh copes in a house full of pets:

In an interview with E!'s Marc Malkin, Katherine explained the importance of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation's new Compassion Revolution campaign and the plan to reduce pet overpopulation without having to euthanize animals.

"Our goal is that people can actually go to an animal shelter and not feel this horrible sadness and burden that if they don't take that dog home that the dog may end up dead," Heigl said. "The idea is that eventually it won't be so hard to say no because you know that these animals are actually in a safe place, in a shelter that is not going to euthanize them for space or room for the next batch coming in."

Katherine also added that husband Josh Kelley is not very keen on her adding to the family menagerie (she has six dogs and three cats) by adopting more animals:

"I pretty much now defer to my husband, who has put the kibosh on any more," Katherine said. "He says, 'You know, Katie, we have 12 heartbeats in this house already and that's a lot of responsibility.' But it's hard. It's really hard to say no."