With Katherine's new movie "Life As We Know It" set to hit theaters next month, writers Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson have been speaking with the Hollywood Reporter about the script. The duo revealed that it had taken 8 years to get their screenplay off the ground.

"It wasn't easy getting the project made", Deitchman explained, because "it gets lumped into the dramedy genre - although we always thought of it as a comedy. We always felt like just because it's a comedy doesn't mean you can't have honest drama and play that part of it for real."

"Once Katherine read it, she immediately got it and signed on and we were finally off to the races," he explained.

Director Greg Berlanti also cast his eye over the script. "He did his own pass on it, which was fine," Deitchman said. "It was a very personal script for us and we always knew that whoever was going to direct it, it would need to be a personal script for them, too."

For Deitchman and Robinson, it was about writing something that could play comedically, but that could also play real.

"We went to the set, which was a delightful experience, but it was like a relay race - you're handing it off to the next hands," Robinson said.

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