Katherine's new romance dramedy "Life As We Know It" hits theatres in October and in the new issue of Elle magazine her co-star Josh Duhamel talks about the movie.

Speaking about Duhamel, a former model, Katie told the magazine that she lobbied for him to be cast in the film, his first leading-man role. She explained, that sometimes when an actor works his way up, as Josh has, from modeling to soaps to TV to movies, the same looks that helped him land all those earlier gigs - can also make audiences and casting agents alike presume certain dramatic limitations.

Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Star In Life As We Know It Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Star In Life As We Know It

"He's like the perfect leading man, and there absolutely are really beautiful leading men out there who have found their way to the Oscars. Like George Clooney. It does happen," Katherine said. "Before he even opens his mouth, you see this guy, and he's so good-looking that it puts you back on your heels a little bit. It's hard to overlook completely," she added.

In the film, Josh and Katherine play two single people whose best friends are married to each other. Their friends set them up on a date that Katherine says, "Crashes and burns before they even get out of the driveway." But when the friends are killed in a car accident, Josh and Katherine learn their one-year-old-daughter was willed to them to raise.

"It's not just a simple 'Yes, I'll do it; I'll be a good father,'" Duhamel explains. "There are some real questions: whether or not he wants to do it, whether he can, whether he's even going to stick around."