Ahead of the release of "Killers" in the UK and across Europe, Katherine and director Robert Luketic attended the red carpet movie premiere at the Odeon West End in London and conducted a series of press interviews to promote the movie.

Chatting to Empire, the duo gave the lowdown on their influences for the film, the movie they'd like to remake, Tom Selleck's moustache and whether they were tempted to use 'The Killers' on the soundtrack.

Speaking to Live From Studio 5, Katie explained that she found co-star Ashton Kutcher very endearing and down to earth because he was "really nervous" about stripping off for a scene.

"Ashton spent that entire day worried about how he looked on camera, like anybody would, because he knew he'd be shirtless for that whole entire scene. He worked hard and he was really nervous going, 'Do I look alright, do you think I look okay?' It was really endearing and charming!"

Virgin Media's Moviewatch also spoke with the "Killers" leading lady about her previous action movie experience, with Katherine joking about her role as a hostage in Under Siege 2. Check out the profile and video clip at the Virgin Media web site.

Katherine Heigl Chats To Virgin Media Katherine Heigl Chats To Virgin Media

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Katherine spoke about her daughter Naleigh and her sister Meg both of whom were adopted from Korea and the amazing relationship their share.

"We chose a Korean baby because of my sister and to this day my sister is so amazing with her. I love that my niece and nephew, who are half-Korean, have a Korean cousin. We're a family of Koreans! It's beautiful and it's wonderful."

"It's very natural and what we've been exposed to, but I think people look at us sometimes and they think Naleigh is my sister's child, or they think my sister and I are a couple and these are our children. I just love that, because I like surprising people. I like reminding myself that it's unusual to others, because to me it's not."

Katherine Heigl at the Killers Premiere in London Katherine Poses On The Red Carpet At The Killers Premiere In London

"A lot of people choose not to have children, but for me, I wanted there to be more in my life than just me. My world felt very narrow - it was all about my work, or all about me and my relationship with Josh, or all about Josh and his work. I wanted to broaden it and for there to be something more important, and Naleigh is clearly and obviously that."

"It does put your priorities into perspective. It's much easier for me now to put my foot down about my priorities because it's not just me I'm protecting, it's my daughter."

"I always thought, 'Oh yeah, I'm going to love being a mom, I'm going to love my child and I'm going to be a great mother. I'm going to do all the things I'm supposed to do as a mom, but I'm not going to be one of those over-indulgent parents who thinks their kid is the second coming.'"

"But it's impossible! I keep trying to say to myself, 'I think you feel this way because she's your child, Katie. Don't assume that everyone feels this way about her'. But she is really cool. She's super funny, she's got this crazy, wacky sense of humour and she's really cute. I mean if you saw her, I think you'd agree. She's really cute and funny and charming."

Katherine also explained that life had changed for her and husband Josh Kelley since Naleigh came into their lives.

"All we do is talk about her, whereas before, all we did was talk about ourselves. [Laughs] We just talk about her so much. I think we're fast approaching the day where it's like, 'Can you at least see that I'm here too?'"

"I remember my mother and I once looking at each other going, 'Wow, we're going to the Golden Globes' because we'd only ever watched it on TV."

"Now, I'm kind of like, 'Do I have to go?' It is a lot of work, a lot of effort, and I get very self-conscious. I would so rather hang in my great comfy dress on my couch, with my kid and watch it at home."

The Belfast Telegraph also got to ask the "Killers" star about difficult first dates, echoing a scene from the movie where Katherine's character Jen and Ashton Kutcher's character Spencer have an awkward first encounter.

"Everyone's had those dates, which are just awkward - first dates are awkward," she said.

"You're ordering and you're kind of paranoid about what you're ordering as you don't want to order too much, then it's the issue of who's paying or are you splitting? Should I drink or is that going to make me look like an alcoholic?" she added.

In another scene the evening ends with Spencer cutting Jen out of a cripplingly tight dress.

"God it's hard to pull off a tight white dress but thankfully Robert (Luketic, director) always shoots me very kindly. We should have shown her in knees to chin Spanx but I'm not that brave," Katherine said.