With the football World Cup about to get underway at the time of recording, Katherine sat down for a chat with UK radio station Talk Sport at the press junket for her movie "Killers" in London last week.

Katherine Heigl At Talk Sport

The Talk Sport reporter and Australian director Robert Luketic made a valiant attempt to convert the soccer virgin to the beautiful game and they seemed to have some success at convincing her of the merits of the sport.

Check out the video interview in the current issue of Talk Sport online magazine which also includes some amusing discussion about co-star Tom Selleck's famous moustache.

MyMovies.net also spoke with Katherine about the new action comedy which is currently in theaters and she explained the premise of the film.

During the interview Luketic revealed that he is amazed at the speed with which his leading lady can remember lines.

Speaking about her photographic memory, he said "Nobody in the world can memorize a line as fast as Katherine does. You show her a typed page and she has never seen it before and she'll go 'right got it' and you are 'how can you possibly have read that!'"