Manchester radio station Key 103 caught up with Katherine for an interview during her recent visit to the UK to promote the release of new action comedy "Killers" in Europe. Appearing on the "Mike & Chelsea In The Morning" show, she chatted about the movie, the cast of Grey's Anatomy, revealed a girl crush on Demi Moore and explained how she has a great stunt double.

At the London press junket Heigl and director Robert Luketic also spoke to Digital Spy about the prospect of working together for a third time, following their collaboration on "Killers" and "The Ugly Truth". With Luketic remaking "Barbarella" and rumors that "Romancing The Stone" was also under consideration, he was asked who better a leading lady than Katherine herself?

"I don't think I'll be doing Romancing The Stone," he said. "It would be great, but it would have to reinvent something that's so loved. I'd love to do it with Katherine, but it'd have to be a fresh and different approach."

Katherine added: "It's hard to remake a classic like that. It's so great, there's nothing wrong with that movie; not a piece, not an inch, not a frame."