During a busy week in London, Katherine and "Killers" director Robert Luketic gave numerous interviews to the press at the European junket to promote the release of the movie.

Chatting to Screenrush, Katherine explained how much she enjoyed the movie and why she is very cautious about her personal safety when filming action scenes:

Speaking to the Associated Press, Luketic told reporters how much he loves working with Katherine and the pair talked about how their friendship formed after an initial meeting to begin work on the "The Ugly Truth".

In an interview with Digital Spy, Katherine joked about her own "topless" scene in the movie after the press had been speaking about co-star Ashton Kutcher shirtless appearance at the start of the film.

"I did a topless scene in that movie and not one single person talks about that... I looked kind of nice, it wasn't that bad," she commented. "I was really sucking it in, I think I'm owed a bit of props for that day. It was hard!"

LoveFilm caught up with Katherine to chat about the appeal of "Killers", her character Jen and what it was like to work with Punk'd star Ashton Kutcher.

Ireland's TV3 was also on hand to speak with the duo about the movie and questions ranged from working with guns to Katherine's recently darkened locks. The two also found time to speak with MSN about the comedy and the relaxed working atmosphere on set.

Katherine also explained to Lionsgate UK what appealed to her about "Killers" and how she came to work on the project.