In an interview with movie site Canmag, Katherine explained how she felt her roles have changed a little with each of the romantic comedies she has starred in. She also joked about her previous experience of handling a gun in her 1998 tongue-in-cheek horror movie "Bride Of Chucky", and discussed how her own father Paul differs from her on-screen dad played by Tom Selleck in "Killers".

Katherine Heigl Killers Promotional Poster

Katherine Heigl On Killers

By Fred Topel

Killers makes four romantic comedies in a row for Katherine Heigl. She knows what she's doing. It's a comfortable genre, but she's having fun and maybe growing just a little.

"It's not like breaking crazy new ground but I think it just has this sort of great added benefit of the action, which I haven't done in the previous films," Heigl said. "For me, I look at all of them in a row. There is an interesting progression from like the true hardcore romantic comedy, fairytale aspect of 27 Dresses to the edgier more male perspective of Ugly Truth and crassness of that and trying to kind of meld maybe a little Knocked Up and a little of 27 Dresses."

In Killers, Heigl plays a woman who discovers that her husband used to be a CIA killer. "To me, I'm much broader I think comedically in this and there is the action aspect. I've got more of a straight guy in Ashton and then I'm the kind of ridiculous one. And we're in this crazy sort of James Bond scenario. So each one is slightly different but it's not so crazy outside of this."

Action isn't totally new to Heigl. Before Grey's Anatomy, she defeated a classic movie monster. "I killed Chucky, in Bride of Chucky. You don't remember that? The fact that I get to be in the movies I want to be in now, and I don't have to kill Chucky over and over again, is really awesome. Not to say that that was bad movie. It had its good moments. But then he came back and the next one where Chucky gets lucky and you're like I killed that guy. What's going on?"

Other than that, she's an action novice. "I wasn't supposed to really know what to do anyway so I could use my lack of knowledge. I know how to hold a gun. I've never shot a real gun. Oh I did once in my grandpa's farm. That was a rifle I think."

In the film, Tom Selleck plays Heigl's tough father, who gives her husband a hard time. She can relate to that. "My dad is nothing like that. My dad is a really chill guy. He looks really intimidating and my father is a very handsome man and he's 6'4". He's kind of still. He's not like me, look all over the place super animated. He was intimidating just because of that but he never meant to be. I remember my high school boyfriend saying to my father once, like joking to me and my dad, ‘Mr. Heigl, I had a dream about you last night standing on the porch with a shotgun.' And my father went, ‘That's not a dream.' All right, dad, nice. So he had that about him but I think it was more of a joke. He didn't mean to be intimidating. My dad had a lot of faith in me and really trusted me. So he didn't have to go out there and shoot off the boys."