Chatting with On The Red Carpet and Sky Showbiz at the "Killers" world premiere in Los Angeles, Katherine joked about her attempts at stunts in the new action comedy.

"My bad, sad, clumsy, physical..yeah. I tried, I tried. I think, thankfully, I wasn't supposed to be, in this film, sort of great at this kind of stuff, so it works that I look like an idiot. But there were moments when I really, truly was trying to look cool," she said with a laugh.

Hollywood Life also spoke with Katie on the red carpet and she divulged a fond memory from the set of "Killers" which was filmed on location in the South of France and Atlanta. During the shoot her husband musician Josh Kelley and co-star Ashton Kutcher wrote a song together:

"One of my favorite memories was my husband on set; he’s producing a country album. He had his guitar, playing around and he and Ashton started writing a country song together called 'You Drive'. That was a really fun night. I remember coming into my trailer and the two of them were hashing out lyrics."

As to whether Ashton and Josh ever plan on releasing their song, Katherine laughed, "You’re going to have to ask Josh!"