At the press junket for "Killers" recently, Katherine spoke to Fox 411 about her next movie "One For The Money" which will begin 'shooting' - literally - in under two months time.

"I’m in the process of potentially taking some target practice lessons for my next movie ‘One for the Money.’ I’m stoked about it," she enthused. "It’s about a female bounty hunter, she’s not supposed to be good with guns but I’m still curious to know what it is like."

Katherine Heigl: Killers Promotional Shoot (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis) Katherine Heigl: Killers Promotional Shoot (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis)

It was recently revealed that the movie will be mostly shot in Pittsburgh as opposed to Trenton, New Jersey the location of events in the Janet Evanovich novel on which the film is based.

"It really has to do with incentives on the state level for filmmakers," said Taneshia Nash Laird, executive director of the Trenton Downtown Association to New Jersey local news. "Our competition isn't L.A. or New York for film production, it's actually Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh."

But the filmmakers still want some Trenton flair, so part of the movie's production crew was in the city yesterday and will remain today, getting a guided tour, courtesy of civic activist Jim Carlucci.

The movie, which will be set in the present day rather than the '90s of the series launch, will start in July and shoot into early September. Richard Wright, head of production at Lakeshore Entertainment explained to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette why Pittsburgh was a good match for Trenton.

"The cities are actually pretty similar in architecture. They're both industrial cities that rose to prominence at a similar time in history. They were both built around heavy manufacturing, they both have a river going right through the city or right next to the city. ... It's actually a very, very good match."

Asked if this might launch a film franchise, he said, "We should all be so lucky. Certainly if that happens, we'll be very happy. The film is an interesting mixture of the comedic and the gritty, and Katherine is a phenomenally talented comedic actress, but this is not being played as a comedy, per se. It's a film that has comedic elements and it's a film that has dramatic elements, and she's also very, very interested in this character, and has been researching the role".

In addition to researching her role as Stephanie Plum, Katherine also explained that since she has become a mother it was important to choose projects that have a certain moral integrity.

"I’d hope to never do anything that I would be ashamed for her to see, but now that I’ve got a child I’m not going to only do children’s films. I love stories and opportunities to play different characters, but I won’t do anything that’s shocking and horrible in terms of playing someone totally despicable," Heigl said. "But my work now is so about her, I don’t want to do anything that will take me away from her for too long or put her in an environment that she’s not comfortable in. The worst part is leaving her to work, but I love to work and I love what I do. So it’s this contradiction."

Having successfully quit smoking almost a year ago, Katie revealed that she was working hard to curtail another habit - cursing. "My worst habit used to be smoking but I quit, so now its just cursing but I’ve curtailed that because my daughter is in a mimicking phase where she’ll repeat everything I say… and that did happen once before"

"I feel like the ‘Grinch After Christmas’ where my heart is too big for my body," she continued. "I love this child in a way I have never loved, I imagined but I never knew."