Chatting to reporters at the "Killers" press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills last weekend, Katherine noted that while finding the laughs and comedy in her new movie were not a problem, the action scenes were not really her forte.

She explained, that co-star Ashton Kutcher, who also produced the movie, wanted her to do some of her own stunts, "He was rolling his eyes when I wanted a double. He told me that I think running is a stunt. But I have no problem with not doing any of it."

Kutcher was soon won over by her considerable charm and timing, despite her reluctance to do her own running and jumping, "There are only a couple of leading ladies who do comedy like she does," he confirmed. "She brings a lot to the table, and I need a funny leading lady."

Acknowledging to the assembled press that dialogue and banter were more in her comfort zone, Katie joked, "I had a double for that, too."

Check out the latest preview clip from the movie called "Love At First Knife", in which Katherine's character Jen is having some difficulty with her dress:

Discussion also turned to one of Katherine's new film projects, the adaptation of the Janet Evanovich best seller "One For The Money" in which she will play lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. The movie, which is scheduled to start shooting in July, will see her in a dual role as both actor and producer, "I can't wait to get going on the project, because I am so much more involved than usual" she said.

Although Katie will soon be busy with the movie, the main focus with husband Josh Kelley will remain their baby daughter Naleigh, "There are no bounds to our love for her. It used to be all about us. Now it's all about her, and we love it."

Katherine also spoke openly about her regrets that some of her comments to the press in the past may have been misunderstood or not perceived in the way she had intended. She told reporters that, "I don't like to ruffle feathers. I never set out intentionally to do that; I don't like confrontations."