During the press conference for the Lionsgate movie "Killers" over the weekend, Katherine was asked about her forthcoming role as Stephanie Plum in the studio's big screen adaptation of the Janet Evanovich novel "One For The Money". Lionsgate recently picked up the picture for domestic distribution and it is scheduled to begin filming later this summer.

Can you talk about taking on Stephanie Plum and what it is that appealed to you about that character?

I’m so excited! I didn’t really know much about the books until I got talked to about the project. Then I started reading the books, and then I got obsessed with the books. Now, I’m in Book 9 and I’m so invested in the story and these characters that I’m afraid I’m not going to live up to my own expectations of what the book is. But, it’s a really fun challenge and it’s really exciting. I’m really very excited about it because there’s such a great following. The books are so well written, witty and funny, and there’s so many great characters. I want to bring it to life. I do.

Was part of the appeal that it could be a franchise, if One for the Money does well?

Oh, sure, yeah. If it works, that would be awesome. I don’t know that we’d do 15, but I’d love to do four or five. That would be sick.

Is your hair brunette now for that role?

It is.

Katherine also added that when she is not working, she relaxes by spending time with her family and friends:

Katherine, what do you do to relax, after a long day on set?

Drink. No. I hang out with my friends a lot, and I hang out with my husband a lot, and I watch my daughter toddle around. I spend a lot of time at home, just chilling. That’s my favorite thing to do right now.