Katherine was interviewed by Extra's Jerry Penacoli at the "Killers" press conference on Saturday, where she explained that it is very difficult for her to watch Grey's Anatomy now that she has left the show.

"I feel really outta the loop. There was a time when I knew the storylines before they aired and there was a time when I was present in these scenes or present in these storylines - and Alex moving on is very difficult for me. I miss my friends and I feel like I am missing the party a little bit so I kinda had to just take a step back."

During the conversation, Katie spoke about daughter Naleigh whom she adopted last year with husband Josh Kelley and was overcome with emotion recalling the moment she found out she was about to become a mom. Host Penacoli was touched and wrote on his personal Twitter page after the interview, "Katherine Heigl rules. Sweet, sexy and so emotional telling me about the day they got the good news their adoption of Naleigh went thru."