At the ASPCA Bergh Ball in New York last week, Katherine spoke with online newspaper The Daily Beast about how much she enjoys the new CW show "Life Unexpected" which features her former "Roswell" co-star Shiri Appleby.

Katherine Heigl At The 13th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball Katherine Heigl At The 13th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball

"I just started watching Life Unexpected. It's an unbelievable show on the CW. I think it's an amazing story. I'd worked with the show's star Shiri Appleby years ago on Roswell and she's spectacular on it. I love the story. It's about parents who give a daughter up for adoption and she comes into their lives 16 years later. I liked that perspective on it. I watch it and I think about what it cost my adopted daughter Naleigh's parents to let her go and that it was the best thing they could do for her, but how hard that must be emotionally. I sit and watch this show every week from the birth mother's perspective, and it's amazingly well done."