Last month at the ShoWest Convention in Los Vegas, Katherine suffered a wardrobe disaster when her dress strap snapped as she went on stage to collect her "Female Star Of The Year" award. Fortunately, her blushes were spared by Access Hollywood presenter and event host Billy Bush who held the broken strap in place allowing Katie to preserve her modesty and complete her acceptance speech.

However, this near fashion disaster has had a lasting impression on Katherine, as she revealed at the ASPCA Bergh Ball in New York on Thursday evening, prior to stepping on stage to collect the organizations Presidential Service Award for her animal welfare work. "I'm really, really paranoid now after that," she laughed. "Every outfit I put on, I'm like, 'Is it all in place?' Scary."

Katherine is a huge animal lover and told Access Hollywood that she was trying to persuade husband Josh Kelley to agree to a seventh dog for the family. "My husband will kill me, I'm really trying to talk him into one more. Maybe he'll watch all these interviews and get it".

It does seem like another pet is a distinct possibility, as baby daughter Naleigh has bonded well with the existing pets, "It's almost like a circus show, [the dogs] follow her around," Katherine told The StyleList. "We give her crackers to eat and she'll be munching on her crackers and looking at the dogs since they're staring at her, waiting. And she'll let them have a bite of her cracker and just walk away."

Even with a husband and daughter there's room on the sofa for the entire family, dogs included. "They go to the dog park every day so that they can run around and be tired when they come home at night so that we can still hang out on the couch together as a massive family and watch TV."

What is on her TV? It seems Katherine's guilty pleasure is reality show Jersey Shore, "I just finished watching the entire 'Jersey Shore' series," she gushed. "It blew my mind. Blew my mind. I love those guys, I really do."

Having recently left Grey's Anatomy to spend more time with her family, she spoke of her delight at being able to enjoy some 'normal' time away from Hollywood life.

"I am really excited to be spending more time with my family. It's been an amazing few months and we had all this beautiful time up in Utah at our second home, which is so peaceful and relaxing and you're not hounded, you're not watched, you're not anything. You're just a normal family."

While she enjoyed her time away, Katherine said she is thankful she can come back to LA to work.

"I got to go up there and remember sort of my roots," she said. "The beauty is that I get to come back to LA and have a career because people are interested and people care, which is a massive blessing on the other end. So, I’m very fortunate, I’m very grateful right now."

Katherine's mature outlook is definitely inspired, in part, by becoming a mother to daughter Naleigh last year, but also, her new brunette 'do.

"I’m really enjoying it," she said of the hue. "There’s something about it that feels more sophisticated. I feel like a lady. The blonde made me feel more giggly. It’s very odd."

Extra also got to chat with Katherine at the ASPCA event, where she explained that her new earrings were a present from husband Josh Kelley, "We had a fight and he had to make up to me and buy me something nice!"

She also explained that her love for animals was something that was instilled by her parents when she was a child, "We were always raised with a lot of animals. Two or three dogs, two cats, hamsters - sometimes a rat."

Katie added that she was loving spending lots of time with her 16-month-old daughter - except when she manipulates mommy.

"She already knows how to emotionally manipulate me and it's horrible. She's 16 months! No one has ever dominated me emotionally! It sucks!"