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Taking A Dip With Katherine Heigl

The Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica is a sanctuary for the jet set: Bikini‑clad beauties, exhausted from swiping daddy's credit card, sip mojitos poolside, baby oil glistening from their pilates‑sculpted stomachs. Their Von Dutch hat‑wearing boyfriends sunbath next to them, pretending to work (e.g.: read scripts) while they take "very important" calls on their cell phones. Ah, the good life. They're too busy looking and acting fabulous to care about what's going on around them ‑ that is, until she walks in.

She is not like them. No cell phone attached to her ear. No furious typing on her blackberry. No big black sunglasses to hide behind. She enters the pool area, an outdoor conclave of trendy white chaise lounges and poolside cabanas (LA's version of the Garden of Eden). Even wearing a layered tank top, a flowy, knee‑length skirt and flip flops, she somehow has more allure than her half‑naked counterparts. She glides through the sea of sparkling wannabes to her poolside cabana, where her Bloody Mary awaits in anticipation.

At first the crowd pretends not to notice her, but that doesn't last long. She's too intoxicating. One guy even flips open his cell phone, points it in her direction and snaps a shot when no one's looking. He knows it's tacky, but he can't help it. She's beautiful.

How beautiful, you ask? That's a tough one. She's got the tousled locks of Daryl Hannah circa Splash, the statuesque silhouette of Bo Derek in 10 and, best of all, the innocent/wanton smile of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. Even her feet are good.

But that's not all. She's also got a personality... and a sense of humor. A true triple threat.

You recognize her from that show, Grey's Anatomy. She plays the "pretty" surgical resident, Izzy. You like her character. Since you've got your laptop in front of you, you type her name into Imdb.com. According to her bio she was raised in Connecticut and became a model at age nine after her aunt sent in her photos to an agency. Then came the big screen: That Night (1992) with Juliette Lewis, Steven Soderbergh's King of the Hill (1993), and her first starring role as Gérard Dépardieu's daughter in My Father the Hero (1994). You remember her best from Under Siege 2 (1995), Bride of Chucky (1998) and TV's Roswell. And in October she'll star in the The Ringer alongside Johnny Knoxville.

Bloody Mary almost sucked dry, Katherine looks at her watch. The pool crowd, still keeping tabs on her, look up from their copies of US Weekly when a overly dressed woman enters the scene. She's carrying a tape recorder, a pen and paper, so you figure she's there to do an interview.

They start chatting about growing up in Connecticut, Katherine’s transition into acting, her big break. You’re about to lose interest... then you hear the words “Angelina Jolie.”

"At the same time as Under Siege 2, I had another offer on a film called Hackers," says Katherine "Yeah, Angelina - and it was for that role. My agency basically committed me to Under Siege before I had a chance to make a decision. I really wanted to do Hackers so I was super disappointed, but Under Siege ended up being another amazing experience."