New York Daily News - September 6, 2004 List

Role call for up-and-comers (extract)

A few winters ago, audiences were buzzing over "hot new names" like Jude Law (in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"), Renee Zellweger (in "Jerry Maguire"), Colin Farrell (in "Tigerland"), Kate Winslet (in "Sense and Sensibility") and Leonardo DiCaprio (in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape").

This fall, these will be the biggest names on movie marquees. And coming right behind them is a crop of fresh faces. Here are five to watch for in the coming months:

Katherine Heigl

Where you'll see her: As the love interest of Johnny Knoxville, who plays a guy pretending to be mentally impaired to win the Special Olympics, in the Farrelly brothers' production "The Ringer," opening Nov. 5. (Hey, it worked for Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary.") The 24-year-old former child model from Connecticut was previously in "My Father the Hero" and played a beautiful alien on TV's "Roswell."

Next up: The thriller "The 9th Passenger."

Why her: Nothing's sexier than a sense of humor, and Heigl must have a seriously silly side to do "The Ringer."

Article by Joe Neumaier