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Katherine Heigl started out very early. A child model, she took small roles in movies until starring opposite Gérard Depardieu in the remake of My Father the Hero. She can be seen in the sci-fi series Roswell...


Katherine Heigl is the incandescent Isabel Evans in the new series Roswell. At 23, this blonde with the green eyes reveals her Irish and German origins. At the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, where I met her, she really caused heads to turn! It is necessary to acknowledge that, molded in trousers and a small crocheted top, the luscious Katherine cannot leave one indifferent. Unless you’re from another planet...

Robin Lynch: In what way has your life changed since being on Roswell?

Katherine Heigl: I got into this profession around the age of 11. I was therefore prepared for celebrity. Today, my life hasn’t changed. Except for the fact that I really have to watch my behavior, because at any moment I could be photographed. All that I do is commented on, so I pay attention to the way I dress, to the way I act with my boyfriend…

Robin Lynch: And that doesn’t bother you?

Katherine Heigl: Yes it does, because I like living freely. I’m not the sort of girl who turns around all the time to see if she’s being followed. In spite of everything, even though I don’t consider myself to be a big star, I have to pay attention to my image.

Robin Lynch: Since you’re on Roswell, you’re a role model for a lot of young people. Is that difficult on you?

Katherine Heigl: No, not really. My life is pretty healthy, I don’t have any major thing to hide. My parents instilled in me moral values. I accept the choices that I make. I try to do things that are reasonable and in good taste.

Robin Lynch: Does your being on Roswell cause people to want to talk to you about bizarre phenomena?

Katherine Heigl: No, I’ve never met any people who have seen UFOs or were abducted by aliens. However, it would be fascinating to discuss it with them. I’m convinced that there’s something out there, in the universe.