Allure - October 2005 List
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Katherine Heigl

As a surgical intern on Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl is learning how to operate - onscreen and off.

Do the makeup artists have to help the actors look tired?

No! We have 14 - or 16 - hour days, so they just let us deteriorate. Sometimes it kills me because I love to get dolled up.

Have you seen real operations?

I watched an open-heart surgery. We stood looking into the woman's chest cavity, and it wasn’t gross at all.

You also starred in Roswell - any strange comments from fans?

I dated my co-star on Roswell. He played my brother, and it really upset the fans. I couldn't understand why they didn’t get that we were actors playing roles.

Any downsides to playing a doctor?

You become a bit of a hypochondriac, thinking, I have nine out of ten of these symptoms.

Interview and article by Erin Quinn