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Launching The Compassion Revolution

Transport Program

Under the banner of the Compassion Revolution, the Heigl Foundation will continue to support and subsidize the transport of animals from local shelters where they were scheduled to be euthanized, to pre-approved humane societies, rescue organizations and "no kill" shelters in an effort to reallocate companion pets from overpopulated areas to areas with fewer adoptable pets. As an example, the Heigl Foundation has funded transports of over 4,000 animals from Los Angeles City and County animal shelters to the North Shore Animal League in New York, to rescues in Oregon and Montana, as well as transports organized by Best Friends Animal Society from Los Angeles County shelters to the Salt Lake Humane Society. It will also continue to actively seek transport partners in an effort to address the immediate need to find suitable alternatives for the pets at risk at local municipal shelters.


Through its Compassion Revolution programs the Heigl Foundation will continue to promote the adoption of companion pets from local shelters and discourage the purchase of pets from pet stores that obtain animals from commercial puppy factories commonly known as "puppy mills." Additionally, the Heigl Foundation will continue to subsidize adoption fees through the LA City New Hope program, which reduces fees rescuers pay to take animals who are at risk of imminent euthanasia.

Katherine Heigl, on behalf of the Heigl Foundation and supporters of the Compassion Revolution, invited all residents of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, to be part of the effort in addressing our pet overpopulation crisis through donations, volunteerism, educating others about the availability of the programs described above, and/or simply encouraging family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues to be part of the solution by joining the Compassion Revolution.

There are many communities in this country that have successfully transitioned to a "no kill" or very close to "no kill" model. Katherine and all those who participated in today’s event are committed to the philosophy that our community can also achieve this goal and add Los Angeles to the growing list of cities that achieved solutions to the pet population crisis that do not include euthanizing large numbers of companion animals.

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