Promoting Life As We Know It Index
Interview Chat

Speaking with various television news stations, breakfast programs and morning shows on a satellite media tour earlier today, Katherine promoted the release of her new film "Life As We Know It" which hits theaters tomorrow.

KTVK - Phoenix

She gave KTVK reporter Tara Hitchcock the lowdown on her new movie and also chatted about a cause close to her heart -- the Jason Debus Heigl Foundationís Compassion Revolution campaign.

KWGN - Denver

Speaking with KWGN Denver, Katherine discussed her plans for Halloween with daughter Naleigh, motherhood and how "Life As We Know It" is much more than just a conventional romantic comedy.

City TV - Canada

Katherine also chatted to City TV's Riaz Meghji about her role as executive producer on "Life As We Know It" and how much she enjoyed the creative process.