Parenthood, Movie Roles & A New Look

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Press Interviews At ShoWest

At the ShoWest Motion Picture Industry Convention in Las Vegas on Thursday, where Katherine was honored as Female Star of The Year, she chatted to the press about parenthood, movie roles and her new look:

Access Hollywood


Speaking with Extra about her new dark brown hair, Katherine confessed that the change "was little shocking at first." She added, "There's always that moment where you're like 'Oh no! No one's gonna know who I am anymore!'"

The reason for the change? Her upcoming role in the film adaptation of Janet Evanovich's novel "One For The Money", where she will portray New Jersey lingerie saleswoman turned bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.

"I don't know how to do the Jersey accent yet, but I will practice," Heigl said. "I downloaded all of the 'Jersey Shore' because I thought that could help me."

She also spoke affectionately about how being a new mother to baby daughter Naleigh has changed her life.

"Motherhood has mostly given me a really fresh perspective," the actress gushed. "It's changed my whole perspective on work, life, family and love. You suddenly realize what's most important." She described her daughter as being "really funny... she's really quirky and has this crazy sense of humor."

Will Heigl ever return to TV? "I don't know. I would never rule out a great character or great role. TV is much harder. It's more demanding."