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After a busy few months with the release of both "Killers" and "Life As We Know It", as well as the production of her new movie "One For The Money" this summer, Katherine is enjoying a break from work and spending time with her family.

With the holiday season approaching she headed to Las Vegas from her Utah home on Friday, December 10th, to catch husband Josh Kelley perform at the Pearl Concert Theater in the Palms Casino Resort. It was the last show of the year for Josh who has been supporting Miranda Lambert on her Revolution Tour over the past few months.

Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum

Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum in One For The Money

At the show, the country singer / songwriter dedicated two songs from his performance to the couple's daughter Naleigh who turned two years old on November 23rd.

Meanwhile, on another musical note, the Train single "Hey Soul Sister" which appeared on the trailer for Katherine's romantic comedy "Life As We Know It", was announced as iTunes's best-selling single of 2010.